Solenoid Valve Timer, YS-3800H

Solenoid Valve Timer, YS-3800H
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1. Adopts flame retardant engineering plastic shell, the solenoid valve timer is safe with high strength.
2. Controlled by microcomputer chip, its timing accuracy is high.
3. Equipped with LED screen, the timer features of night vision function.
4. Timing set range: 1Sec~99h59min59Sec, bidirectional adjustable
5. Mode: Circulation mode (two: switch on first and then switch off, or switch off first and then switch on)
One-time mode (one: start at set time)
6. Power supply: High voltage AC/DC, 110~240V (XY-3800H); Low voltage AC/DC, 7~36V (XY-3800L)
7. The IP grade of this digital timer is IP65.
8. Supports standard DIN43650A input / output interface.
9. LED light indicates the state of ON and OFF.
10. Applications: solenoid valve and other devices needed to set timing.

YS-3800 Timer Operating Instructions

Screen Indication
1. The screen indicates ON―OFF, it is the mode of switch on first and then switch off.
2. The screen indicates OFF―ON, it is the mode of switch off first and then switch on.
3. The screen indicates ON that means switch on first, the cycle time is 1Sec~99h59min59Sec, it is one-time mode.

Mode and Time Setting
The solenoid valve timer is at factory settings when you use it at the first time, after power on, the timer is at "ON―OFF" circulation working state. Time of ON and off is both 2 seconds countdown (indicates "0 0 0 0 0 X", from which X is a decreasing number). If you want to change the mode and time, press MODE key which shows "ON―OFF", press MODE key again it will show "OFF―ON", and then you can switch to the mode of "ON", choose the function mode you wanted and press ENTER key to confirm the setting mode, after that you can start to set the time parameters.

When you set the time parameters at state of "ON" (indicates "X X X X X X"), the first digit of the left side starts to flash, that means you can start to set the time, press ADD key for setting increasing time, and then press ENTER key to confirm, after that the second digit of the left side starts to flash, at this time, you can do the same thing to set all of the six bit data, when you finish all of the settings, you can start to set the time parameters at state of "OFF". All the setting modes are same as the state of "ON".

When you finish all the setting modes, the timer screen flashes the mode of "ON―OFF" 4 times, and then the timer enters into the working state which is set. When you setup parameters, the system stops working, it will get back to work until you finish the settings; if you do not press ENTER to confirm and exit the setting mode directly, the system is still working according to the settings previously. (The above parameters are taken as an example at "ON―OFF" mode, the other modes are same as which.)

Other Functions
Reset: press RESET key, the digital timer will stop currently working, and then start to cycle working according to the parameters that have been set. Note: this kind of timer is divided into two types: high voltage type and low voltage type. Please choose it according to the actual needs.

Model YS-3800H
Working Voltage AC/DC: 110~240V
Working Temperature -10~50 ℃
Protection Grade IP65
Switch Life 3*10 8
Opening Time 1s~99h59m59s
Closing Time 1s~99h59m59s
Indicator LED
Manual With manual test
Connection DIN43650A
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